Zliton.com : 10th Anniversary

Change interface color

2003 – The website’s very first version, where you could change the color theme

18th of April 2003. Souvenirs, souvenirs ….

10 years ago, on the same day, I started and launched online the Zliton.com website. This was my first real project, using some of the 03′ technologies (Flash / Javascript / php 3) with my quite limited knowledge back then. At first, my goal was only to improve my skills and to learn everything I could about website creation techniques ; but very quickly, so many people came and subscribed to the site that in no time, the main goal evolved to building up roleplay & managing a team of moderators.

Originally, the website was entitled martien.niamor.com (“martien” = french for “Martian”, since it started as a game about taking care of an imaginary creature, which you could very well consider to be some kind of E.T.). Two months later, in June 2003, I came up with the name “Zliton”. The first year was more or less spent improving the source, and adding some new features to the game. And very soon, I had to switch to managing the team and taking care of players !


Jus de zligume

2004 – Some real “Jus de zligume / Zligetable juice”, served as drinks for IRL events

Zliton.com was all about roleplay, creativity and imagination. The in-game universe was a different world : you were able to invent almost anything, it offered some magic possibilities and tore down limitations, while all of this was shared with your friends online.

Between 2003 and 2005, I started launching IRL (In Real Life) events, gathering players from all around (mainly) France. I met some of the most epic zliton.com players (from the leaderboard’s top EXCEL geek using his knowledge to get a #1 player’s ranking to lead roleplayers & forum moderators). I still have invaluable memories from that period of my life !

Every occasion (Halloween, “zlitonian” birthdays, Valentine’s Day …) was a pretext to start any kind of contest and/or to collect some pictures of the players’ best creations. No wonder I’ve ended up with tons of pumpkins, homemade cakes, fanart, random drawings and so on… Once again : countless wonderful memories.


All of this was really thrilling, but in 2005, I got my first “real” job – and despite all the fun Zliton.com provided me, I soon could no longer invest in the website the minimal necessary amount of time the community needed to keep a steady growth.

In 2007, we came up with an awesome roleplay : the zlihens were “on strike” during a couple of weeks, and we were able to drag some “hidden” players into chatrooms, sending private messages and some forum posts. As a result, we obtained a peek of more than 330 new player posts on the board – daily !


2003 – 1st drawing of the Zlihen

In 2011, I finally added the last features to the site : there are now over 100 trophies and achievements to unlock/earn by playing Zliton.com. Ain’t it cool, huh ?



So, here it is. Happy 10th anniversary, Zliton.com !

Thanks to all the people who’ve spent some time on Zliton.com ! I hope that one day, life will offer me again the opportunity to craft something like Zliton.com …


Zlicow / Zlivache

Zlivache / Zlicow. Player creation entering a Halloween contest

Birthday cake for Zliton

A Zlitonian’s birthday cake

Zlihen / Zlicow

Zlihen / Zlicow, entirely consisting of almond paste

Zlicow / Zlihen meringues

Zlicow / Zlihen meringues